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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lesbians: SEEING the Forest because we are Not Trees

While using some examples from a few recent Twitter hoo-hahs, this post is by no means limited to these examples, they merely highlight issues Lesbians have been dealing with whenever we point out the obvious to (het) Women/Feminists for centuries.

The case in point occurred over several days when responding to feminist's talk blather about "male violence". Clearly as Lesbians we are all too aware that much of the violence perpetuated on the world/its inhabitants has been (het) male driven and (het) female supported (in varying ways). Lesbians pointing out the latter are ALWAYS met by (het) Women (quite literally) hysterics by conversations end.

I do not limit these observations/experiences simply to the internet, but to MANY (as I'm getting long in the tooth by the second!) decades of personal LESBIAN experience plus the personal lifetime experiences of fellow Lesbians and centuries of Lesbians past. And I do not doubt the experiences of Lesbians past with (het) Women, because I too have the same experiences with them every single day of my life for as long as I have had memory. But lets say for the sake of argument I did not, I would only have to open my eyes in the morning, or open a book or look out my window or step out my door to see for myself how Heterosexuals of both sexes have impacted the world via action/passivity. What is also blatant is which Hetero sex has predominantly used action and which passivity.

Digressing back to the Twitter incidents I first mentioned, when someone who had followed me made a slew of statements about "male violence" I made a few comments back about regarding (het) Women's role in bearing those males and raising them. This didnt go over too well with the (het) Woman in question and as has been the ongoing Lesbian experience when trying to have an honest conversation about male violence/birth control etc, like the steps of grief, there is a set of steps that (het) Women go through when Lesbians do not agree with their every word/challenge their Heterocentric thought processes:

Step 1) They either think you (meaning Lesbians) are male or they will insultingly pretend to think you're male. This Tweet was in reference to me:
Step 2) Then when pointed out we (in this case me) is a Lesbian, comes the all purpose blame-the-Dyke/s-excuse/s:
Step 3) Even after knowing we are Lesbians, make insulting paper thin comparisons to us (Lesbians) with men:

Step 4) Claim Lesbian/s are attacking them/see insults where none exist:
Step 5) When their behaviour reaches the bizarre, their Homophobic responses reach extremes and their Lezbophobia is called out, they Block/run for the hills:
Step 6) Incite other (het) Women to attack the mean Lesbian/s which then runs a similar course and...
around we go!
And these are (het) Women whom on the surface claim to be Lesbian allies, they, like most (het) Women arent even allies to themselves, but most certainly they are NOT Lesbian allies!

Pointing out differences in brain functions between Lesbians and (het) Women isnt hate, it is obviously important for LESBIANS (Lesbian even when highly flustered/frustrated and angry still maintain linear thinking/conversing) to know in order to help Lesbians better traverse (het) Women in our/their lives.

I suspect the hysterics/all loss of reason (het) Women go into when confronted with Lesbians occurs because, unlike the males in their lives who (and we Lesbians have ALL heard a male in our lives say when arguing a point with a (het) female friend/relative-"just let it go, its not worth it") will just let the point go to regain peace/not have to listen to grousing. Lesbians not being trained in (het) Women like young males are by older males, we Lesbians will continue to make our point and in sticking by our guns, most (het) Women will become hysterical. This behaviour in and of itself illustrates some of the biological differences between Lesbians and (het) Women.

Were it merely arguing over what tastes better, Coke or Pepsi with (het) Women, maybe Lesbians could simply let it go. But where Lesbian lives are at stake, Lesbian biology, Lesbian accuracy? Then NO, we will not let it go! We will fight to the proverbial death if it means providing accurate information that can benefit other Lesbians! And Lesbians knowing whom they can and cannot trust can be a matter of LIFE or DEATH!

The biological realities of Heterosexual Males and Females is all around us, it is infantile to think (Het) Males just bulldozed their way throughout time (patriarchy) and (het) Women had no say in the making of that world whatsoever. (het) Women created and continue to create humans everyday, if they really did fear/hate the (het) male population/male violence as much as they claim, then they could have LONG ago stopped the male population from existing in large numbers. Males do not bear children, but using their male biology, they have in the course of a few decades halted the births of millions of females being born. But again, obviously (het) Women played a passive role in that.

Dykes on the other hand wouldnt be alive today if our brains processed in the same way as (het) female brains function, (het) female passivity would actively get us killed or silenced. Lesbians may not be male, but we are action oriented, even the shyest among us. Lesbians do not rebel against patriarchy. Lesbians arent Lesbians because we are brave. Lesbians do not stand up to men.We stand separate from EVERYBODY. That does not mean we are alone, but it does mean we are a unique biological entity. Lesbians SEE the forests, because none of us are trees.

See Mrs Dirt's piece on the subject as well: The Sadly Predictable Stages of Hetsplaining



Tuesday, July 11, 2017

With Lesbians Like Sue Perkins Who Needs Enemies?!

Funny gal Sue Perkins did a recent interview touching on her coming out experience. Sue P. actually wrote/performed a six episode comedy series (Heading Out) based loosely on her own difficult coming out experience. Given that Sue Perkins is about as smart as she is funny, as a Lesbian, its sad to see Sue P. ignorant or careless about Homosexuality, hers and in and of itself.

Instead she reduces sexual orientation down to "fluidity" (Really Sue??). Did you fret for 28 years over fluidity??? Have Homosexual youths since the beginning of Humans committed suicide over fluidity??? Are Homosexuals past/present and future routinely attacked/murdered over fluidity? Are Homosexual children today being labeled by parents/varying authorities as Transgender because of fluidity?? Are self hating (not unlike yourself) Homosexual adults transitioning so they can fit in over fluidity???

More insulting, Sue P. goes further by stating she is "hugely cheered by the fact my goddaughter has friends at school who are pansexual". Pansexual isnt a sign of progress Sue; its a sign of child sexual abuse, a sign of neglect, a sign of acute attention seeking and various other emotional issues, but it certainly isnt a sign of progress, let alone a fucking sign of progress for Homosexuals!

And in fact as a public Homosexual (you Sue!) linking Homosexuality with (in the minds and hearts of the general public and Psychiatry alike) debauchery aka Pansexuality, you in one fell swoop reinforced the long held notions/feelings that not only is Homosexuality a choice, BUT that Homosexuality is the sick fucking perversion Heterosexuals always and STILL believe it/us to be!

Sue leaves the topic of Homo/sexuality with this ditty "I don’t know but it doesn’t matter. I always thought it was a spectrum and I have been furious and dumbfounded I had to make a binary choice". It seems what you're furious about Sue Perkins, is that you were/are unable to make a choice because choice isnt an option! But were it an option, I can only think you Sue Perkins, would err on the side of Heteros.

Lastly Sue says of coming out-"Why should people have to go through this painful stressful archaic ritual of going home to their parents and telling them they are having sex". Well Sue, if reducing Homosexuality/Lesbian to nothing more than what two Lesbians (or two Females of any sexual orientation) do in bed, then you have more fucking problems than your own self hatred!

Also read Mrs Dirt's “Sexuality is Fluid”: The Great Big Hoax as a companion piece to this post.



Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Whats the Deal with Lesbians and Packing?

A reader wrote to me asking about my thoughts on Lesbians who Pack (and no she wasnt talking about for vacation!). Since this is something that occasionally is searched for on this blog, I figured it a good opportunity for me to address it.

There are basically two types of Dykes that pack and one of them isnt Homosexual!

Type A Packer-Lesbians who pack almost always fall into the mid-range Dyke category. These Dykes have HUGE insecurity issues.
  • Sometimes resulting from child sexual abuse-As a Dyke, sexual abuse from a male/s would make her feel (besides the expected trauma) incongruous and strangely homophobic. Her natural Female Homosexuality would feel compromised, feeling similar to young males who are molested by adult males. The molestation for a Dyke would feel, for lack of a better word- queer. These Dykes feel the need to cover/hide their privates and by doing so with a packer (usually late teens/young adults) feel (in a warped way that by packing they are re-solidifying the Dykeness they feel that was lost from the sexual abuse). This may seem like a way back to a healthier them, except its merely a wash/rinse and repeat-growth beyond packing never occurs. 
  • Sometimes resulting from acute Heterosexual Dysphoria-They pathologise their fears of not measuring up to Het men coupled simultaneously with their fears of measuring too close to Het Women. Mid-range Dyke is a delicate balancing act, they arent Dykey enough to routinely pass (as male) and they arent Dykey enough not to pass as Het Women. Most mid-range Dykes traverse these unspoken Lesbian growing pains just fine. But for those with greater insecurity issues, packing may provide them with a false sense of security. And depending on the level of insecurity may even lead them down the road to transition
  • Sometimes resulting from coupling with STRAIGHTBIANS-The all too sexually abused/Hyper-sexual STRAIGHTBIAN is as notorious for their Lesbian ignorance as they are for the Het privilege they feel exempts them from learning/caring about Lesbian experience/culture beyond their own notions of it. STRAIGHTBIANS cant see past their own Heterosexuality (warped though it may be) and as such view Dykes/put Dykes in the male role of their favorite fantasy/fairy tale. Where insecure Dykes will unfortunately try to please their STRAIGHTBIAN by living up to her male (sexual) fantasy. Most Dykes rarely pack before dating a STRAIGHTBIAN, few however leave a relationship with a STRAIGHTBIAN without packing.
 Bear in mind, a Dyke may suffer from one or all of these.

Type B Packer-Type B's are Heterosexual Women that claim they are Dykes.
  • Type B's are exclusively sexually abused as children. But unlike Dykes (sexually abused or otherwise), packing for Type B's is at once protection, sexual and power over other Women.
  • Type B's usually partner with other STRAIGHTBIANS (both buying the Lesbian lie they tell each other). 
  • Type B's however are the more rare of the STRAIGHTBIAN sect. Their personality is formed from a more right brained temperament thats has been severely sexually abused. As such they take the butch or masculine role they Heterosexually perceive Lesbians to be. 
  • Type B's are exclusively/pathologically interested/invested in BDSM where they are the master and the other STRAIGHTBIAN the submissive. 
  • Type B's are turned on by harming/hurting other Women. They see Women as weak and malleable and as persons who should be punished for such helplessness. They are dominant, therefore they cannot be Straight. Sadistic and Narcissistic.
  • Type B's will sometimes engage in sexual encounters with Gay men in effort to satisfy their natural Heterosexuality. Usually in secret, but not always.
  • Type B's were some of the earliest "lesbians" to transition. And remain high on the list for transition still.
  • If transgender, the testosterone increases both their hyper sexuality and their hatred and anger against Women.
  • Most often Borderlines. (BPD) But their symptoms resemble more Hetero Male Borderlines than they do Het Female Borderlines, which can confuse diagnosis if they seek professional help.
Obviously this is not an in-depth post but it should give readers a very good starting point on why some Females pack.



Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Maudes-Portrait of a STRAIGHTBIAN

Being an online public sorta (dare I say controversial) figurehead, in running/maintaining a long standing blog, I am exposed to a good deal of people/people types. In the STRAIGHTBIAN series/posts that both Mrs Dirt and I have written/collaborated, there is a type we (despite both of us having met online/realtime a good many in our respective lives) have neglected to mention/describe-The Maudes. Maudes are Women (always heterosexual) who frolicked in the fields of early 70's Women's Lib/Radical (lesbian) Feminism. These bra burning RadFems believed they were changing the world for Women everywhere by squatting over hand mirrors together as they searched for extraterrestrial life....errr I mean their cervix.
We call them Maudes because of their close resemblance (physically/temperament and personality) to the 70's TV character Maude Findlay. The lyrics to the Maude theme song adequately describe The Maudes as well it does Maude herself:

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider,
she didn't care if the whole world looked.
Joan of Arc, with the lord to guide her,
she was a sister who really cooked.
Isadora was a first bra burner
Aint' ya glad she showed up?
And when the country was falling apart
Betsy Ross got it all sewed up
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude

And then there's that uncompromisin' enterprisin' anything but traqulizin' Right on Maude!!! 

The song uses strong historical Female archetypes who in some way trail blazed for future Women, and then there's Maude! The Maudes however are not Joan of Arc's or Isadora Dunkin's, they were once over the top passionate about Women voting/Women construction workers, Women's conscious raising groups, Women's Grass roots, Women's music, Women's land, Women CEO's or Women Presidents, but born with Hetero Female biology, their passion exceeded their limits. The lesbian separatist utopia they so dreamed, never materialized beyond flimsy plans, loads of back patting/emotional reassurances, eschewing femininity by employing poor grooming habits, short hair and plenty O flannel shirts (in other words an insulting Heterosexual version of Dyke).

Maudes are always middle or upper middle class, usually college educated and often live within some ivory tower or other, if not professing Radical Feminist ignorance to unsuspecting college youths, they will work as a college librarian or college clerk. Their Hetero/sexuality is usually tangled with either early sexual abuses or disinterest/discomfort with perceived male dominance (sexual or otherwise), meaning they want to run-the-fuck/relationship yet fear doing so in male/female relationships. They believe they want some egalitarian relationship which Radical Feminism ensures can ONLY happen between Women-ie in order to have equality in their personal life they must CHOOSE to be a Lesbian. So along with eschewing their femininity, they also eschewed all common sense, thereby eschewing their own selves.

Most Maudes today are more passion-less, often bitter and thoroughly disappointed in where their youthful exuberance has went.  And worse, angry because where Women's Lib did open some doors for future Women, young Women today use their equality more to sport shorter skirts and higher high heels and fuck on the first date, than they do to advance their careers or pay tribute to The Maudes (who sacrificed so much!), that is IF they even know of any worth paying tribute to. The invisibility young Maudes claimed to have once so desperately craved (fuck the male gaze), are now dourer because they have it.

Most Maudes chose to be childless (that'll teach patriarchy!), so now starring old age in the face (many today are in their early to mid 60's), they are bitter, sad and afraid. The world they thought they were going to change via Radical Feminism, changed while they stood still. And if they hadnt with hetero privilege intact co-opted Lesbian, I might even feel sorry for them, might.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

UnSTRAIGHTENING Straight Lies about Lesbians

Since Mrs Dirt and I have made a conscious effort to put ALL the blood and guts back into the near lifeless corpse that has become Lesbian and breathed new Lesbian breath into her collapsed Lesbian Lungs, STRAIGHTBIANS/RadFems/Feminists/Het Women and assorted Nutballs have taken personal offense with us. We are wrongfully and ignorantly accused of harming Lesbians, being a danger to Lesbians, not giving two shits about Lesbians, that we HATE Het Women and a barrage of other LIES.

Clearing up hundreds of years of Lesbian inaccuracies is no small feat and one that Mrs Dirt and I are committed to regardless of the time and work it takes. But within the time it takes, comes ever MORE inaccuracies and flat out LIES! This post highlights just one of the LIES!

Mrs Dirt and I have both clarified numerous times to various Het feminist Women who have spread/spread/are trying to spread the falsity that Trans Males are pressuring and succeeding in getting into the drawers of Lesbians young and old. In doing so (clarifying the bullshit) we once again have come under fire. Apparently privileged Het Women know more about Dykes than Dykes! N O T!!!

One such example of an ignorant uneducated STRAIGHTBIAN/Het Woman is one who left several messages on a recent post, which were deleted, more to due with their quoting/linking a known Het Woman blogger who is not at all known for vetting/scrutinising her MANY guest posters or her own shoddy misinformed info/posts. Here is a snapshot of the resident 5th grader's comments that were removed:
Her proof that Dykes are being duped into dick is a (clearly mentally screwed Het Trans Female) who now and I fucking quote IDENTIFIES as lesbian! Oh WOW! Yeah Mrs Dirt and I are so convinced by this we too are feeling pressured to dick lick! N O T!!!

Miss I-flunked-out-of-elementary-school knows what she's talkin 'bout cuz she spoke to a man pretending to be a Lesbian on a Lesbian dating site where she (Het Woman) was pretending to be a Lesbian! She makes no mention of when this was, nor any mention of the man being Trans. Regardless, Mrs Dirt and I have NEVER said Males (trans or otherwise) havent tried snagging a Dyke, what we have said is, no Dyke is THAT fucking dumb to fall for it!

This comment by Miss STRAIGHTOTHENEXTDICK is her in vain attempt at proof she is a Lesbian by describing a litany of known STRAIGHTBIAN behaviours. Lesbian to her is about who you share your pussy with, not whats between your ears. Again, neither Mrs Dirt nor myself have ever said not diddling dick equals Dyke. Plenty O STRAIGHTBIANS have long term relationships with Women and Lesbians, but if you are N O T a Dyke in the womb, you are N O T a Dyke PERIOD!!!

Clearly Miss I-kissed-a-man-on-the-phone-and-I-liked-it, you thought wrong about me/this blog! If a Woman wrote to me for legitimate help (and many have), of course I would do what was in my power to help them. But this blog and its intentions have/are/and will ALWAYS remain for LESBIANS/ABOUT LESBIANS, not Het Females (regardless of their trans state).



Friday, June 23, 2017

Gender Neutral Toys will NOT remove Homophobia from Heterosexuals

There is a convenient simplistic Heterosexual (dare I say Feminist/RadFem) assumption that ungendering toys is an aid/solution to arresting Psychologists/School authorities/parents etc from labeling SOME children as Transgender. Fully missing the point/problem that toys/clothes/friends/games etc are NOT the problem!

The problem is WHY Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents raise a red flag whenever a child desires something not usually associated with their sex!

The problem is what Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents think/assume/fear that red flag to mean!

And the problem is why the fuck does Homosexuality (real or suspected) elicit a red flag response from Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents! And moreover the fucking problem is why do Heterosexuals fear/hate Homosexuality/Homosexuals to such an acute indelible extent that Psych professionals/Gender Critical or otherwise professionals/teachers/parents have pathologized what toys a two year old child prefers to play with!

Homosexuality isnt as thin/flimsy as the clothes we like to wear or the toys we prefer. So putting every Barbie in army fatigues, colouring every toy green or yellow and selling only unisex clothes isnt going to make Homosexuals any less Homosexual, anymore than it will remove the Homophobic fear/hate Heterosexuals hold!


Friday, June 16, 2017

Dear STRAIGHT Women-Lesbians are NOT Grateful You'd Let us Lick your Pussy-Lesbians are DICKsgusted!

While this post is prompted by this particular article, it is by no means an isolated incident, nor an incident particular to media status.
I find it interesting when a group of men say a Woman is fuckable, they are deemed to be objectifying, sexist pigs -- but a straight Woman declares a Dyke bangable (and by bangable, in (Het) Woman terms, means she'd let said lezzie lick her pussy, because, of course, that's all Lesbians do/want to do sexually, right?) and Lesbians everywhere are supposed to be fucking grateful!!!

Lesbians do not require (Het) Women to tell us we are attractive, fuckable, hot, sexy, or anyfuckingthing!

Dear (Het) Women, 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your bored-with-men desires; 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your potential het diseases;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your dick breath/dick germs;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your emotional histrionics;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your petty heterocentric materialistic BS; 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your woman-born-woman/woman-identified-woman wantonness;
  • Lesbians do NOT want your one-sided, half-assed, pillow-princess pity fucks while you are waiting to catch the next dickmobile STRAIGHT back to Hetsville; 
  • Lesbians do NOT want your backstabbing compliments/thinly veiled insults as to how we are so much like a man;  
In summary, (Het) Women......Lesbians do NOT want YOU!


Dear Lesbians,

We know it may SEEM flattering when (Het) Women say we are fuckable. Lesbians, including ourselves, are starving for depictions of ourselves on TV, movies, books, and media. We know what it is like to scarf up any pitiful scrap that is thrown our way. We know how frustrating it is to never be truly seen by society and to never truly see ourselves being accurately represented...ANYFUCKINGWHERE!

But it is NOT a compliment to be deemed fuckable by a (Het) Woman. Sure, a (Het) Woman might fuck you (or, more accurately, get fucked BY you), but rest assured, she will also fuck you over. And when she is done with her little experiment (i.e., YOU), she will be sucking dick before sundown.

We deserve better.

Lesbians, do NOT settle for anything less than Lesbian.


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